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Speed Text Effect

This time you are going to learn how to create this Speed Text Effect:

Step 1

Create a blank RGB document, it should be wide enough to fit the speed effect.

Fill the background with black.

Add your text in white.

Create a copy of your text layer.

Step 2

Use Filter --> Stylize --> Wind (from the right) on your original text layer 3 or 4 times until it looks something like this:

Step 3

Go to the blending options of the layer and apply these Outer Glow settings:

Next up, we need to apply this Color Overlay:

Step 4

Now activate your copied text layer and set an Outer Glow like this:

NOTE: You might want to experiment with the settings for the blending options to achieve different resullts.

Step 5

Now apply some Motion Blur (Filter --> Blur --> Motion Blur)

Use these or similar settings:

You should end up with a speed text effect like this: