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Scorched Earth Texture

We'll create this scorched earth texture in this photoshop tutorial

Step 1

Create a blank document of the size you want your texture to be.

Switch to the channels view and create a new channel.

In this channel use Filter --> Structurize --> Stained Glass with these settings:


Step 2

You'll notice a brigth spot in the middle of the channel so use Levels (CTRL-L) like shown below to remove it.

Step 3

Copy your channel and use the Photocopy filter on it:


Step 4

Change to layers view.

Use Filter --> Render --> Lighting Effects and apply these settings:

The RGB colors are 180,90,0 and 90,60,0

It's important that you use the Alpha 1 copy texture channel!

This is what your scorched earth texture will look like now:

Step 5

The last step is to add some noise (Filter --> Noise --> Add Noise)

You might want to remove the border now

Alright, you're done with your scorched earth texture.