Adobe Photoshop Tutorials


Cool Pink Text Effect

Create this text effect in a few minutes:

Step 1

Create a blank document of the desired size.

Type your text, I used the font Impact in italics. Right click it's layer and choose Rasterize Type.

Step 2

Hold down CTRL and click your text layer's icon.

Fill the shape with the gradient tool.

Use the gradient below, you can download it HERE.


Step 3

Go to the text layers blending options and apply a stroke like this:

The strokes color is #190010

Step 4

CTRL + Click your text layer's icon again.

Click Select --> Modify --> Expand and choose something like 11 pixels (depending on the size of your text you might want to adjust this value).

Make a new layer and fill the selection with your pink gradient. Move this layer below the text layer.


Step 5

Go to your new layer's blending options and apply a stroke just like in Step 3.

You should be finished and left with something like this: