Adobe Photoshop Tutorials


Straight from the eighties: Miami Vice Text

This photoshop tutorial shows you how to create that cool eighties Miami Vice Text.

Step 1

Open a new RGB document about 300x300px).

Decide whether you want a black or a white background.

Get the font Broadway (BT) here

Adjust your text settings like this:

The blue is hex 1ddffd.

Step 2

Type "Miami" and "Vice" (or the text of your choice) on different layers.

The color for the "Vice" is hex ff98dc.

Step 3

The "Vice" part needs a drop shadow.

Go to the layer's bleding options to create it:

The color for the drop shadow is hex 009aff.

Step 4

Now use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a rectangle and fill it with the Miami Color (1ddffd).

Step 5

Add some outer glow like this if you want to:

The Miami Vice Text will look like this now:



























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