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Ice Text

Learn how to create this Ice Text Effect:

Step 1

Open a new RGB document.

Type your text in black and set the background to black afterwards, too.

Use Filter --> Artistic --> Plastic Wrap with these settings:

Hit CTRL-F about 8 times to repeat the filter.

It will look something like this now


Step 2

The text might be a little dark, so you might want to use Images --> Adjustments --> Levels and set it to something like this:

Step 3

Add an outer glow like this if you like to:

Step 4

Rotate the canvas by 90 degree and use the Wind filter to times, then rotate the canvas back.

Step 5

Now just hit CTRL-U and choose a color like this:

Use the Clone Stamp Tool to fix parts of the text that don't look good and you're done.