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Glowing Plastic Text

This plastic text with a glow is what you are going to create:

Step 1

Create a blank document of the desired size. (This one is 360 x 250 pixel)

Type your text, right click it's layer and choose Rasterize Type.

Step 2

Apply Box Blur to the text (click Filter --> Blur --> Box Blur)

Use a different radius for a different outcome.

Step 3

Merge down the layers (CTRL-E) and apply the Plastic wrap filter ( Filter --> Artistic --> Plastic Wrap). You might want to change the settings for different effects.

Step 4

Now Use Filter --> Brush Strokes --> Accented Edges.

It will look like this now:

Step 5

Hit CTRL-U and choose a color.. the values below will result in the blue of the example.

This is what you get:

Step 6

Now, if you want to remove the excessive glow above the text go to Image --> Adjustments --> Levels and set it to this:

There's your final plastic text: