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Frozen Ice Text

This time you will learn how to make a frozen ice effect like one of these:

Step 1

Create a new blanc RGB document and type your text in some brown color like this:


Step 2

Hold down CTRL and click the text layer's icon to select it's shape, then hit CTRL-SHIFT-I to invert your selection.

Now hit CTRL-E to merge the layers.

Use Filter --> Pixalate --> Crystalize now with these settings:

Hit CTRL-D to cancel the selection.

Step 3

Rotate the canvas by 90 degree clockwise (Image --> Rotate Canvas) and press CTRL-I to invert the colors.

Step 4

Use Filter --> Stylize --> Wind likt this

Press CTRL-F two times to repeat the wind effect and make it stronger.

Rotate the canvas back to normal position.

Step 5

Use Filter --> Pixelate --> Crystalize once again to make it look frozen.

Use settings like these this time:

Step 6

Press CTRL-M to bring up the curves dialog and set the curve to this:

Step 7

Go to Filter --> Render --> Lighting and apply these lighting settings:

Step 8

Bring up the Curves again (CTRL-M) and form a curve similar to this:

It will look something like this now:

Step 9

If you're not happy with the color yet, you might want to hit CTRL-U and pick a different color:

These values result in this color scheme:

Well, that's it, there's your frozen ice text.



























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