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Flashy Motion Blur Text

Create a motion blur for your text with photoshop:

Step 1

Create a blank document of the desired size.

Type your text in white on a black background.

Duplicate your text layers 3 times so you have 4 of them.

Step 2

Switch to the first copy and apply Filter --> Blur --> Motion Blur with these settings:

Step 3

Go to the top copy in your layer palette and use Motion Blur again.

This time with an angle of -90 degree.

Step 4

CTRL + Click the icon of your top layer.

Go to Select --> Modify --> Contract.

I used 1 pixel but it really depends on the size of your text.

Fill the selection with black so it looks something like this:

Step 5

Switch to the second to top layer and apply an outer glow like this:

Step 6

Alright, merge down the layers, pick a nice color (CTRL-U) like this:

and there is your colorful blur text: